เรามาทำแซนวิชอร่อยๆ ทานกันค่ะ (Yummy Sandwiches)

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เรามาทำแซนวิชอร่อยๆ ทานกันค่ะ
30 Delectable Food Crafts Examples
Yummy Sandwiches

“Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” – James Beard

And to make one can be so easy. All it requires is your knowledge of food crafts and the love of sandwiches. Its history goes back to as early as the 17th century.

Make sandwiches in any shape and style and use a wide variety of ingredients to enhance its taste and looks. They can be a major source of nutrition to your kids; provided the right material is used and is creatively put in front of children.

Here are 30 delectable examples of food crafts and mouth-watering ways to present your sandwiches.

1. Guitar Sandwich

2. Coffin Sandwich

3. Crocodile Sandwich

4. Lostsea Sandwich

5. Pair of Acewiches

6. Wall-e Sandwich

7. Dumbbell Sandwich

8. Dominoes Sandwich

9. Scooter Sandwich

10. Shade Sandwich

11. Gift Sandwich

12. Spider Sandwich

13. Stitch Sandwich

14. Rubiks Cube Sandwich

15. Baconscale Sandwich

16. Beetnik Sandwich

17. Cakewalk Sandwich

18. Cell Sandwich

19. Checkers Sandwich

20. Hand Sandwich

21. Monkey Sandwich

22. Mouse Sandwich

23. Mustache Sandwich

24. Pac Man Sandwich

25. Puzzle Sandwich

26. Snake Sandwich

27. Swine N Cheese Sandwich

28. Tie Sandwich

29. Tune Table Sandwich

30. Twitter Fritter Sandwich



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